Why Businesses Should Not Create Mobile Apps

Why Businesses Should Not Create Mobile Apps'

One possibility is finding an app platform that already exists and offers app-based options for particular types of businesses

In today’s growing digital world, having a presence on a mobile platform is not only useful, but almost necessary. People connect with businesses through apps, and since most people carry their phones with them constantly, having an app is a convenient way to reach out to customers. Tools like push notifications can alert users to updates regarding the business and keep them engaged with what’s going on. Apps are very customizable as well, allowing users to interact with businesses on their own terms, in ways that best benefit them, while businesses can also maintain their preferred brand identity by keeping their app up-to-date.

However, there are some points to be aware of in developing an app for a business. The first point is the cost of the app. More often than not, the cost of creating and maintaining an app is too high, and it is impossible to justify the use of an app when the business does not break even around the app. App development is a money hole, considering that a business must pay someone to develop the app unless there happens to be an app developer already in-house, and continue to pay that person to maintain and update the app, and then also put money into marketing the app, which itself is a huge problem due to oversaturation of the app market. There are so many apps already available that a large sum of money must be put into marketing the app—increasing the app’s visibility enough for it to attract attention and gain users.

Along with the market being oversaturated, there are most likely apps already available that are just like or very similar to any app that a business might think to produce. If by chance there isn’t, there will be some shortly after the business releases its app. Competition in the app world is intense, and there are few controls on it. As there are no particular copyright laws regarding apps, there is nothing to keep another developer or business from copying an app idea another business has put on the market—and due to the same problems with oversaturation and visibility, there is a strong chance the copycat apps will do better on the market than even the original did.

There are ways to get around the difficulties presented by developing and maintaining an app. One possibility is finding an app platform that already exists and offers app-based options for particular types of businesses. For retail-based businesses, Shoppi provides app functionalities such as personalized content for customers, allowing customers to view products based on their purchase history, and creating multimedia content to help build and maintain brand identity. Shoppi also helps retailers by providing data regarding customers and their shopping habits, such as identifying which products are selling the best.

While apps are important to marketing and sales today, developing an app can be difficult or inadvisable for businesses. Fortunately, platforms like Shoppi can help businesses get the outreach apps can offer without the hassle and expenses associated with designing an app themselves.

Why Businesses Should Not Create Mobile Apps