Content Marketing With Shoppi

Every end user out there is using content, in some form or another, to inform their decision making- even if they don’t know it! Every shopper, business or other consumer is constantly accessing information via their smartphone or desktop. It is essential that a contemporary business uses strong content marketing as part of their overall strategy. Content is a key component in any successful social media, SEO, PPC or email campaign- it is much more than simply having an ongoing blog within your website. Shoppi is the only shopping app out there that combines these things in one place.

Content is what tells the end user about you, wherever this content happens to be.

Content Marketing With Shoppi

Perhaps the most familiar use of content is website content. Website content is what your next potential customer sees when they find their way to your site, as such it’s obviously hugely important. If you have pumped budget into a search engine optimization or pay per click strategy but have unclear or (heaven forbid!) grammatically incorrect content you could be wasting your money. An effective way of keeping your audience up to date with new, useful information is with in-site blog content. Making regular blog posts keeps your website keyword rich and helps you to build up subscribers, traffic and revenue.

The problem comes in keeping the quality high and in driving traffic onto the website or blog. Shoppi addresses this problem. Any Shoppi user has a SmartFeed that displays, not only algorithmically matched products and services, but also targeted, multi-media content. What does this mean for your business? Well…

  • You avoid needing to find a bottomless SEO / PPC budget that drives difficult to measure traffic on to your site
  • You add depth to your brand by showing with video, picture and written content your own unique message and style.
  • It gives a potential customer more places to find you. Maybe you can post an explainer video to drive sales or post a helpful blog to build trust.
  • Shoppi content promotes customer interaction. Your followers will like and comment on content and this will give you vital insights. So, it’s a shopping app and social media network all rolled into one.
  • The customers you engage with on Shoppi can follow you and will be shown more of your content in the future.
  • Content marketing created revenue directly, whilst generally raising public awareness- bolstering credibility all round.

The most important thing to remember is that content marketing is super effective and is much more than keeping your blog up-to-date. It’s about creating a network of content that works for companies long-term.

Content Marketing With Shoppi

Content Marketing With Shoppi