How Can Social Media Help Boosting e-Commerce Sales?

In this modern and advanced world social media is not only an option to make networks with people but it also provides features and advantages. Now-a-days, the talented business personnel are using social media for businesses in order to increase the e-commerce sales. Using social media has become one of the most common and popular trends for increasing e-commerce sales as well as profits.

How Can Social Media Help Boosting e-Commerce Sales?

A research about the social media strategies says that if you try for your particular businesses along with the features of social media plug-in in your e-commerce websites, you get a huge chance of boosting sales for your business. Here, we will be discussing different reasons for using social media for your business.

  1. Use social login features - If you use the social logins features in your e-commerce websites you have the advantage of lessening your shopping cart rejection. Actually, users do not complete all types of shopping cart purchase procedures. The rate of the rejection of the shopping cart purchases fluctuates from website to website. From various researches it can be concluded that the rejection rate could be a maximum of 67%.
  2. Reducing time of purchases on social media - A recent research of a particular marketing company says that about seventy five percent of the total online dealings were started but never finished since the customers made a rejection to the on-line shopping cart. The research has concluded with various reasons for the failure and the most common are website-registration problem, time-consuming check out procedure and many others. A good solution to these problems is to sell on social media websites. The study has made an opinion from the customers that they would prefer social logins for those shopping cart activities instead of making new registration since social logins is very much easier and user friendly. So, you can allow your customers by enabling them the option to login to your e-commerce websites with their Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.
  3. Easy and viral promotion on social media – Using social media, you get an opportunity to promote your products easily and make them relevant. An average social networking user pays nearly three to four hours a day on social media sites like Facebook. But they will not provide the same time to visit your e-commerce websites. If you use social media for business through making advertisements of your products, products will become more noticeable to the consumers for posts, reviews or stuffs like these. So you can understand the benefits of promoting your products using social media.
  4. Use facebook to increase your sales - If you use Facebook, you can have a chance to increase your sales by more than 20%. In most of the countries, people use Facebook more than Google. As a result, using social media like Facebook is a better way to provide the product features directly to the consumers. Many businesses, large or small, have begun advertising their products on the Facebook page.

If you have got a clear idea about the advantages of social media strategies then you should try social media for business in order to increase your e-commerce sales along with your profits.

How Can Social Media Help Boosting e-Commerce Sales?