The rise of mobile advertising

The rise of mobile advertising

It’s common knowledge today that the mobile industry forms an important segment of digital marketing and advertising. In 2014, the total number of mobile users crossed the total number of desktop users globally. In the United States alone, the time people spend on mobile digital media is 9% higher than that of desktop.

Despite that, a major concern for businesses has been the effectiveness of mobile advertising in generating sales. It is often regarded as one of the reasons why many advertisers are not leveraging on mobile advertising. In fact, in 2015 the mobile spending only accounted for 49% of the total digital ad spending.

However, that looks to change as mobile ad spending is expected to increase significantly in the next three, and according to Business Insider and other authority sites, mobile will dominate the digital ad market. As a business, if you are not investing in mobile advertising, then it’s high time you get started.

Geolocation Marketing

When it comes to mobile advertising, there is a great deal of flexibility in ad campaigns and costs that allow you to work within your budget. Regardless of whether you are a sole trader online, a startup, or a growing business, mobile advertising enables you to reach out to a greater audience. That said how do you ensure that you are reaching potential consumers that you can actually cater to?

That’s where geolocation marketing lets you localize your advertisements which you can display to targeted mobile users. For instance, SavelGo lets users create ad copies, set campaign cost with corresponding number of people that will see the ad within a specific area, and choose the demographic that should view the ad. In other words, creating digital advertisements and managing mobile marketing campaigns has become easier than ever.

Geolocation advertising is a growing segment in the mobile advertising space, and for good reasons too. It is not viable for a small business with a defined area of service to invest in national or international mobile advertising. Geolocation advertising allows the ‘little horse’ in the world of business to gain access to a large targeted audience.

Mobile App Advertising

According to data published by Nielsen, 89% of the mobile media time is spend on mobile apps as compared to mobile site usage. While conversion rates on mobile remain low as compared to tablets and desktop, the numbers suggest that it is only a matter of time before mobile advertising starts to provide good ROI in conversation rates, and mobile apps, specifically shopping and ecommerce apps, will lead the pack.

We’re truly in the most advanced age where starting your own business has become scalable like never before. With mobile advertising as a core part of your marketing strategy, your business can leverage on the thousands of mobile users in your locality to the billions around the world.

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The rise of mobile advertising