Rebranding not restarting

Often our valued customers use Shoppi for a soft launch of a brand or new product line as our infographics and easy to use interface make it the ideal place. Rebranding is not about complete overhauling, it’s about evolution. Unavoidably, the brand identity that worked for you when you started out may be less suitable as you become better established. Some clear signs that you need a rebrand are:

  • Your image has become compromised- if you have had some negative press attached to you or your image has become associated with something that repels customers, then you need to rebrand to survive. This can happen to companies through no fault of their own and rebranding is a valid option.
  • You want to target a new audience- If you’ve built a customer base but are struggling to penetrate a new market- it may be that your image needs a shake-up. Remember that if you are rebranding to access a different audience- to do your market research.
  • Your original image no longer reflects your business- This is more common than you may think. One way this can happen is if you started with 1 product or service and have diversified as time has gone by. Suddenly, your logo, content and strategy don’t allow for your new services. Time to rebrand.
  • You’re not making a profit, but you’re well known- This is unusual, but it does happen. Market leaders can get to a point well all they have is there name, they are well known but they aren’t making money. Rebranding doesn’t mean changing your name, but you can change other fundamental elements of your image that could be holding your back.
  • Your competitors are getting the edge- If your competitors our steaming ahead of you with flashy integrated branding strategies and consistent marketing, then you need to catch up. If the market is moving- move with it.

Any of this sound familiar? Don’t worry. Rebranding is about keeping what works and changing what doesn’t. It can be an exhilarating and reinvigorating time for a company. Just remember these rebranding must-dos:

  • Attend to the details- Branding isn’t all about logos. Today, branding is about consistency throughout. Use this transient time as an opportunity to introduce truly integrated marketing and to streamline your processes.
  • Hire a professional- If you have got to the point of needing a rebrand then you should consider hiring a professional. Trying to do everything in-house is generally a false economy. A rebrand is a time-consuming and complex process that should set you up for the foreseeable future. If you are serious about success, then money spent today can save you money in the future; a one-off cost like hiring a marketing agency is a smart investment.
  • Make sure it’s legal- Check your new name is legal and not already used. If it is, it can cause serious problems.
  • Keep everyone informed- this means your employees and your customers. It is jarring to spring things on people, share updates on how things are going and plan a specific launch date.

A rebrand can make or break a company and, as such, should be taken very seriously. When done correctly- rebranding is a game changer.

Rebranding not restarting

Rebranding not restarting