How Shoppi works as an Up-selling and Cross-selling System

As a business owner you are no doubt wanting to get the most out of each sale. Why sell just the mobile phone if you can cross sell to the customer, encouraging them to buy the case and insurance too? Effective cross selling is more than simply pointing out extras and telling the customer to buy. It's taking the time to get to know what they need. Provide them with the customer service that leads to an enhanced shopping experience and you'll enjoy increased sales and customer loyalty. The same can be said for up-selling. Promoting better value is what you're aiming for, not simply directing your customer to the more expensive model.

How Shoppi works as an Up-selling and Cross-selling System Using the Shoppi System: For up-selling Shoppi allows you the ability to engage with customers directly, prior to a sale. As a social network, you are able to fine tune your promotions to those that are already interested in what you're selling. Customers that are looking to purchase a PC or laptop, want a fast machine that runs smoothly. Drawing their attention to the likelihood of it slowing down and becoming sluggish without sufficient RAM, presents a brilliant up-selling opportunity. Your customer service provides them with the information they need, increasing their purchase value by buying a RAM upgrade. Being able to talk to your customers through the Shoppi system means you can cater to their unspoken desires. Being in the market for a printer, it's easy for your customers to believe one that simply prints documents will do. Cheap may get that one job done but will it offer the most enjoyable experience for their bigger picture? The more expensive wireless photo-printer you stock may not have been a consideration. Once you've highlighted the conveniences and prestige; up-selling gives them value for money in the way of concrete benefits.

How Shoppi works as an Up-selling and Cross-selling System For Cross selling When it comes to selling services, the social commerce element to Shoppi's system lets your customers engage with you and one another. Referrals and loyalty are ideal for cross selling. Customers that have enjoyed a shoulder massage from you before, will likely appreciate your other services. Cross selling complimentary services such as facials, manicures and pedicures will be especially well received, especially when offered as part of a promotion package. The convenience and trust established through Shoppi's system makes it ideal for cross selling to both businesses and individuals. Both offices and homes make use of builders and tradesmen, making it a great platform for introducing customers to your other offerings. Capable of installing more than the cupboards they were in the market for? Once you've shown your quality handiwork installing their wardrobe, the customer is primed to have you cross sell on installing their under-floor heating.

How Shoppi works as an Up-selling and Cross-selling System Effective customer service translates to good sales and buyer loyalty. Social commerce allows you to take advantage of both up and cross selling to consumers that are already in the market for the items and services you are offering.

How Shoppi works as an Up-selling and Cross-selling System