Daniel Prince Company History

Daniel Prince was born in 1970 at St Bartholomew's Hospital and raised in Clerkenwell. A stones throw from his office in the famous diamond district of Hatton Garden, London.

Daniel was first inspired to create bespoke jewellery when searching for a unique engagement ring for his wife; Whilst it was possible to buy high-end jewellery from the famous jewellery brands in Bond Street, most came with a Bond Street price tag to match the Bond Street Quality and could rarely be customised or tailored, and you certainly could not supply your own diamond!

made in england

The vast majority of affordable alternatives were either poorly constructed castings made from CAD-CAM and machine carved wax models or mass-produced foreign imports. But what Daniel really wanted was the finest handmade engagement ring with a specification that was tailored to his budget that incorporated some personal characteristics, whilst retaining that unique element and essential bespoke handmade quality, and most important of all, that it was Made In England.

Daniel Prince Company History Daniel Prince of London strive to embody the Best of British' and work tirelessly to provide enduring beauty.Daniel Prince Company History

Undeterred, and with the help of his old school pal James, Daniel set about creating his own ring by first sourcing the diamonds and then the craftsmen with the necessary skills to realise his wish. But finding a diamond industry stuck in the 19th century very much shrouded in mystery, Daniel had to learn quickly. But through sheer persistence, managed to finally pop the question.

made in britain book by james fieldingDaniel Prince has been listed alongside Gieves & Hawkes and Aga in James Fielding's book "Made in Britain".

That was in 1998. Self taught, intuitive and passionate, Daniel has earned a reputation as a shrewd dealer with a discerning eye, and Daniel Princethe company now caters for discerning clients worldwide with a consumer-friendly philosophy; a transparent, open and honest company that helps people to make a more informed choice about their diamond purchase; providing Bond Street quality handmade diamond jewellery, but without the Bond Street price tag.

Daniel has gathered together a team of some of Britain's finest craftsmen with experience of working in some of the most prestigious jewellery workshops of Graffs and Cartier.

The company now specialise in bespoke engagement ringsunique diamond rings and fancy coloured diamonds. Designing unique pieces from Custom Wedding Rings to Bespoke Luxury Cufflinks. Everything is tailored to the customers' requests, sourcing new diamonds and gemstones or incorporating existing stones that the customer already owns.

Everything is entirely hand-fabricated using flat metal bullion and hand-forged completely from the ground up. The attention to detail is especially noteworthy when mass-produced imports or cheap CAD-CAM jewellery mean that these traditional techniques and the skills of the goldsmith are in danger of being lost forever.

Daniel Prince encourages the traditional jewellery-making techniques in the hope of ensuring that Britain's heritage of silversmithing and master craftsmen survives.

The Legacy

One need only walk a short distance down Hatton Garden to see that the industry has changed hugely in the past 10 years. Customers are far more sophisticated in their demands and diamonds are no longer shrouded in mystery due to the proliferation of information on the internet. Everyone in the trade has had to adapt or die. Bespoke jewellery is now offered by virtually every retailer in the area and around the UK.

The diamond industry globally has gone from one extreme to the other, diamonds are now being commoditised by online retailers, and all too eager consumers buy into the idea that selecting a diamond unseen using nothing but the 4cs is acceptable. Photo-realistic images of jewellery that exists only as part of a computer is becoming commonplace, and despite the digital age making things easier, it is actually becoming far harder for the average consumer to discern between genuine quality manufacturers and the countless cowboys. If every jewellery website states that their products are the highest quality, how do you tell the difference? But by definition, everyone can't be the best!

The Future

Reputation is everything in our business. Reputation and word of mouth recommendations are the true benchmark of quality. Daniel Prince isnt just a business, it is a real person. But whats in a name? If we could only ask Charles Tiffany or Louis-François Cartier. They didn't hide behind a domain name, They were proud to put their name on their products, as I am proud to my name on ours.

Daniel Prince Company History
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