We identify you as and we may store your IP address for security reasons such as log your last login or to improve your experience by identify your country and serve the website in your language of destination.


Uid: We use this type of identification based on user id, an integer implemented on our database in order to identify you. If you are not logged the Uid is equal to ZERO.

Login_Key: We use this type of string with a special hash based on a temporary passphrase to identify your login session across our websites.

isAuth/isMerchant: We use this type of boolean cookie to identify if the user is logged and maybe a business user (merchant).

Completeprofile: We use this type of cookie to identify your current profile status with a string to identify you as user or business.

Cloudflare: We use this service to ensure the best experience with DNS related features such as page loading and image compression, please refer to this link.

The above cookies don't permit any identification of the user nor access to sensible data, the use of Uid and Login_key is used to double-check the validity of your login and there is no way to identify you as a person with the Uid only.

You can disable cookies and continue using our website as a guest.


Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics service to keep track of your activity during the navigation, however, we have enabled IP anonymization on Google Analytics Dashboard and there is no way to identify you as a person.


Opt-out: If you are receiving email from us and you want to unsubscribe, please visit this link, please use double-click to set your account for deletion.

Deletion: If you want to remove all your data from our database, you can open a ticket here.


Feed Settings: Our website track your visits to single content and understand your needs by showing a tailored feed, during these operations we don't keep any personal data such as gender, political view, sexual orientation, religion etc.., our technology works with a visual association of categories and offer you a great experience without collecting any sensitive information without your consent.

Google Cloud: We use Google Cloud services with firewall, VPN and logged access with private keys to the servers by using Google Technology.

Database: Our database is well-structured to protect your privacy during backup operations, the additional information about you is stored on separated collections that have different backup time.

Data pruning: Our technology automatically removes old data about your navigation or access in a range of time that not exceed 180 days.